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Ellen DeGeneres reportedly made a racist tweet like Hartley Sawyer

Ellen DeGeneres had reportedly made a racist tweet like Hartley Sawyer, who was just fired from The Flash.

Ellen DeGeneres is in hot water again due to an old tweet. The world’s fight for justice and equality reignited following George Floyd’s death. Many seek to end racism and discrimination.

In fact, Hartley Sawyer, who made racist and misogynist tweets eight years ago, was just fired from his hit TV show. It turned out that DeGeneres made a similar move four years ago.

Ellen DeGeneres posted a racist photo on Twitter

Hartley Sawyer made headlines after his old tweets posted from 2012 to 2014 resurfaced. It cost him his career because he was just fired in The CW’s The Flash.

Sawyer already issued an apology about the issue on Instagram. He took responsibility and confessed that he did it for attention. He also stressed that he is already a changed man and even deleted his Twitter account.


Meanwhile, according to Aaron Weaver, in an op-ed for CCN, Ellen DeGeneres made a similar tweet in 2016. He was referring to the TV host’s post involving the greatest sprinter of all time, Usain Bolt.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show host shared an edited photo featuring her riding Bolt’s back.

“This is how I’m running errands from now on. #Rio2016,” DeGeneres wrote.


Weaver recalled how the post raised eyebrows due to its racist implications. However, unlike Sawyer, “Ellen Degeneres weaseled her way out, claiming it was ok because they were friends,” he wrote.

DeGeneres denied that her post was racist. She insisted that she was aware of the issue, and it was the “furthest thing from who I am.”


How did the people react to DeGeneres’ photoshopped post?

Weaver was right that it outraged many netizens. However, many also understood where Ellen DeGeneres was coming from, especially because she is a comedian.

In fact, some defended the host because, for them, it wasn’t an insult. Instead, DeGeneres praised Bolt’s speed.

Human rights project manager slammed DeGeneres

While several online users took Ellen DeGeneres post lightly, Sevonna M. Brown, human rights project manager at Black Women’s Blueprint in Brooklyn, did not let it pass.

In an article for Time, Brown wrote that DeGeneres had a “habit of cultural insensitivity.” According to her, aside from the tweet featuring Usain Bolt, DeGeneres once dressed as Nicki Minaj for Halloween and dressed up like Colombian actress Sofia Vergara. The TV presenter was also caught mocking accents and wearing prosthetic buttocks for respective women.

“DeGeneres surely is not the only comedian who uses culture and stereotypes as a comic platform. But the theatrics of the Olympics Games combined with the spectacle of national pride makes it so that such comments merit critique,” Brown wrote.

“Her actions are not without context, and when it comes to racialized issues, she should pass the baton to more equipped social players.”

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