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Every new fish coming to ‘Animal Crossing’ this July

July is here, and this is good news for all Animal Crossing New Horizons players. A new month means new fish are swimming in the game.

With the new month just a few hours away, July brings with it new fishes for the islands in Animal Crossing. While there are still a lot of fishes staying when June ends, there will be new fishes swimming in the bodies of water on the island.

Most Animal Crossing fishes stay around throughout the entire year. However, the rare ones will cycle in and out of the seasons. To complete the museum, knowing which fish are featured for the current month is helpful.

List of new fish for July

This month’s list of incoming fishes is worth between 250 and 10,000 Bells when sold at the Nook’s Cranny. Players who want to earn a few Bells to pay for their loans can take advantage of the situation.

Catching these new fishes can also help in completing the museum and encyclopedia. For the rarer fish on the list, players can consider crafting a few fish baits, visiting Mystery Islands, and fishing when it’s raining.


Sweetfish can usually be found in the rivers and can be caught at any time of the day. It has a medium-sized silhouette that won’t let it stand out among other fishes in the said body of water.

Since they are common, they only sell at 900 Bells each but are a good source of money for those who love fishing.


The Napoleon is the biggest in the Wrasse variety of fishes. Napoleons are a rare kind of fish in the game, which is renowned for its bluish color and hump on the head.

It will appear as a huge shadow in the sea between 4 AM and 9 PM every day. After bringing one to Blathers, every Napoleon sold to Timmy and Tommy will be worth 10,000 bells.


The Pufferfish is a common critter in Animal Crossing, and because of this, they are only being bought at 250 Bells. Pufferfishes can be caught in the sea at any time of the day.

Blue Marlin

Blue Marlins can only be caught in the island’s piers for the month. They are big, with shadows appearing similar to the Arapaima.

Despite being available all day and night, they are still very rare to encounter. One can be sold at a fair price of 10,000 bells.

Ocean Sunfish

This fish can easily be mistaken for a shark because of its large shadow and its fin sticking out of the water. They can be caught between 4 AM and 9 PM and can be sold at 4,000 Bells each at Animal Crossing’s Nook Cranny.

Featured image courtesy of RyeThePopGuy/YouTube Screenshot

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