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Fear Evolved Halloween Event – ARK Survival Evolved update

Fear Evolved 3

The huge ARK Survival Evolved update and extension have been deferred. ARK Genesis was first uncovered Studio Wildcard in 2019 as the following significant extension for the prominent endurance game. The initial segment was booked to arrive not long from now however has now been postponed until mid-2020.

"The up and coming Genesis development includes a ton of inventive and fun new highlights to ARK an is our most perplexing extension pack to date, with a totally new crucial that drastically changes the manner in which you can play ARK," a message from Studio Wildcard clarifies.

"As a group, we have chosen that an additional long stretch of clean and adjusting is expected to convey a great encounter to everybody on dispatch day, so our foreseen concurrent discharge for all stages will be late January 2020." This will demonstrate disillusioning fans, who have become used to postponed substance discharges with ARK Survival.

There will likewise be a couple of prominent advantages, including the dispatch of mouse-and-console support on comforts this year. And keeping in mind that work proceeds on ARK Genesis, Wildcard has chosen to discharge another regular update today.

The new ARK Halloween occasion is called Feared Evolved 3 and includes a lot of new things to the game on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This new in-game occasion will go on until November fifth and moves players to discover gravestones and assemble what you have to make creepy skins or chase down the subtle DoDoWyvern. What's more, for the individuals who have encountered Fear Evolved previously, Studio Wildcard has included some new deceives and treats to guarantee Fear Evolved keeps up its heritage as a network top choice.

Fear Evolved 3:

  • Can be manually activated with console command: -activeevent=FearEvolved
  • Increased rates to 2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation)
  • Increased rates to 2X Player XP
  • Increased rates to 2X Harvesting
  • Added Event-themed wild dino spawns
  • Added randomly spawning gravestones and pumpkin patches 
  • Added candy corn themed supply drops
  • Modified the existing environment (trees) to be event themed
  • Modified existing moon to be event themed (blood moon)

New items:

  • Jack O'Lantern Mask (cosmetic)
  • Hockey Mask (cosmetic)
  • Headless Neck Stump (cosmetic)
  • Halloween-inspired Dino Colorization Candy 
  • Event-themed underwear (tops and bottoms)

New Emotes:

  • Spooky Emotes
  • Panic Emote
  • Spooky Dance Emote
  • Zombie Emote

Prior Event Skins:

  • DodoWyvern Mask Skin
  • Clown Mask Skin
  • Vampire Eyes Skin
  • Werewolf Mask Skin
  • Giganotosaurus Bone Costume
  • Jerboa Bone Costume
  • Quetzalcoatlus Bone Costume
  • Wyvern Bone Costume
  • DodoRex Mask Skin
  • Carno Bone Costume
  • Rex Bone Costume
  • Raptor Bone Costume
  • Bronto Bone Costume
  • Trike Bone Costume
  • Stego Bone Costume
  • Witch Hat Skin
  • Dino Witch Hat Skin

Prior Event Creatures:

  • DodoRex
  • Zomdodo
  • Dodo Wyvern

Prior Event items:

  • Pumpkin
  • Stolen Headstone
  • Scarecrow

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