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‘Fruits Basket’ season 2 episode 11 release date, spoilers, where to watch

Fruits Basket season 2 episode 11 is coming up. Fans who have been waiting for its arrival will finally catch it after the weekend.

Good news for fans of the popular anime TV adaptation. Fruits Basket season 2 episode 11 is all set to release for next week’s episode.

Since its reboot in 2019, many have been following the flow of the series especially since things are starting to get more interesting.

The anime series is in the final stretch of the beach vacation and Momiji, Kisa and Tohru are enjoying every bit of it.

Episode 10 recap

The previous episode showed the irony in Akito’s life. Even though she condemned the beach vacation, no one can stop the rest of the Sohma family from taking it.

They have clearly moved on, unlike Akito who is stuck with the past. She may be the head of the family but she is actually the most miserable among them.

She just couldn’t seem to accept that their future could still change. For her, the Sohmas are prisoners of both space and time.

But her family has been rebelling against her lately and Akito calls them “deluded” and “monsters.” She even tried brainwashing Kyo who may be the weakest link.

She expects Kyo to be trapped with the curse. However, the reality is that it is Akito who is all alone.

Episode 11 spoilers

The next episode is expected to bring some tension especially between Akito and Tohru, who has been the reason for the changes that has been happening in the Sohma family.

According to spoilers, Akito will try to control Tohru just like how he tries to control the family. At first, she will act to be nice and all to Tohru.

But then she will confront Tohru and tell her that Kyo will eventually be imprisoned once she leaves and there is nothing she can do about it.

With Tohru’s personality, she is expected to be shaken with this confrontation. Akito will all the more scare her by telling her that even the other Sohmas won’t live long.

As the leader of the Zodiacs, Akito believes that no one will ever go against her. It’ still to be known how Tohru will respond to Akito’s statements.

She could either extend her stay with the Sohma family after graduating or she will confront Akito as well and tell her to let go of the zodiacs. The latter may be a little difficult though knowing Tohru.

Will she stay for Kyo? Fans will have to wait for Fruits Basket season 2 episode 11 on Monday, June 15. It will be available to stream on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

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