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‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’ makes a big appearance at PlayStation 5 event

Shinji Mikami gives fans their first in-game look at Ghostwire: Tokyo with an action-packed trailer revealed during the PlayStation 5 games event.

Legendary horror game director Shinji Mikami happily showed off the first-ever gameplay footage of his latest project Ghostwire: Tokyo during Sony’s recent PlayStation 5 reveal event.

Mikami’s upcoming supernatural action title left a strong impression, as its reveal trailer displayed a surprising amount of gameplay given how little was known about the game prior to the video’s release.

According to an official PlayStation Blog post, Ghostwire: Tokyo will be a PlayStation 5 console exclusive, but will also be heading to PC sometime next year.

Ghostwire: Tokyo at the PlayStation 5 reveal event

Ghostwire: Tokyo’s presentation kicked off with Shinji Mikami—known by horror fans as the mind behind the blockbuster Resident Evil series—praising the PlayStation 5 for allowing him and his team to realize their vision of the city of Tokyo.

Mikami also wanted fans to experience the “threat” and “beauty” of Ghostwire’s supernatural version of the Japanese capital city.

The almost three-minute-long trailer gave fans several glimpses of the expansive, yet eerily desolate city of Tokyo. Then, about halfway through the video, it’s revealed that the game will adopt a first-person perspective, as the trailer begins to focus more on Ghostwire’s combat.

Horror fans were undoubtedly delighted with the showcase, as the footage gave gamers a great look at several supernatural enemies, along with some of the abilities players will be using to defeat them.

The haunted streets of Tokyo

In the world of Ghostwire: Tokyo, the city has been overrun by a mysterious supernatural threat, with 99% of its inhabitants suddenly vanishing. The same supernatural phenomenon causes the protagonist to develop supernatural powers.

Evil spirits—known in the game as “The Visitors”—can be found haunting the streets of Tokyo, and players will need to use their arsenal of upgradable abilities to neutralize them.

According to Bethesda Softworks Content Manager Anne Lewis, The Visitors will be based on traditional Japanese folklore, such as:

Amewarashi: a spirit that shows itself as a child in a yellow raincoat, supposedly the manifestation of a child’s sadness when separated from their parents. In Ghostwire, these little critters call for help if they feel threatened.Kuchisake: A popular Japanese urban legend called the “Kuchisake-onna,” which translates to “slit-mouthed woman.” She’s a malicious spirit who covers part of her face and carries a sharp weapon

Legend has it, she asks victims if they think she’s beautiful, and if the person answers “no,” she kills them on the spot. If they answer with a “yes,” she’ll show her mouth, which is slit from ear to ear. She’ll then repeat the question, and a “no” will result in the person’s death, while another “yes” prompts her to slit the victim’s mouth in a way resembling hers.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a collaboration between developer Tango Gameworks (a studio founded by Shinji Mikami) and publisher Bethesda Softworks. The next-gen action/adventure title is set for a 2021 release, though a specific release date has yet to be announced.

Featured image courtesy of Bethesda

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