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‘GTA 6 just isn’t ready,’ says ex-Rockstar dev after PS5 reveal absence

GTA fans were saddened with the result of the PlayStation 5 game reveal after it lacked the announcement of the game’s latest installment.

Game analysts have previously weighed in on the possibility of GTA 6 being left out on the latest game announcement for PS5. With the current fifth installment still highly trending—not to mention profitable, a successor might still be far along.

GTA 6 news: game not ready

Rumors and speculations have since clouded GTA 6. Almost seven years following the release of GTA 5, it appears that Rockstar Games is not quite ready to bring out a new title.

Per Comicbook‘s report, a former Rockstar producer, by the name of Darion Lowenstein, shed some light on the absence of GTA 6 in PS5 and Xbox Series X. In a Tik Tok post, Lowenstein explained in a game developer’s point of view regarding this GTA installment issue.


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“Honestly, from a development standpoint, there are a couple of good reasons. I’ve made a lot of games for new consoles it’s really hard. Tech is constantly changing, and it’s really hard to make a AAA game at launch,” Lowenstein explained.

He then further expounded:

“Second, like I said before, the constantly updating a pre-existing game, making it prettier, is WAY cheaper, way easier than an all-new one. So, if I had to guess, GTA 6 just isn’t ready, and GTA 5 will provide a lot of income, and an experience everyone already knows and loves, within a year of the PS5 launching.”

Indeed enough, GTA 5 has continuously proven its maker that it is still a big hit to the gaming community. Most especially with the number of people who tried to catch a free copy of it from the last month’s Epic Games Store GTA 5 giveaway, Rockstar just earned thousands, if not millions, of players that might be willing to pay in-game purchases.

Job listing hints GTA 6 development

The absence of a GTA 5 successor on the upcoming next-gen console, does not give the assumption that the next installment is not being developed already. In fact, it might already be almost done, based on the recent rumors.

According to Dexerto, a recent job listing in Rockstar India suggests that the game is already in its testing phase. As it turns out, Rockstar is looking for “Game Tester” with the responsibility of “test games and applications across various platforms, gaining an extensive knowledge of each.”

As always, rumors and speculations should be taken with a grain of salt. Although this could mean that this is for GTA 6, there’s also the possibility of it being a testing phase for the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X remaster of GTA 5. 

As Lowenstein also mentioned during his Tik Tok session, the high-res GTA 5 PS5 update is set to be released in the second half of 2021.


Featured image courtesy of Rockstar Games

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