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Gwen Stefani wants to gain weight to bear Blake Shelton’s baby: debunked

Gwen Stefani is, reportedly, trying to gain weight to bear Blake Shelton’s baby, according to a tabloid.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been together for a number of years already. The couple has been subjected to various rumors from being engaged, getting married to having a baby. National Enquirer published a report recently claiming that Stefani wants to be pregnant.

Gwen Stefani trying to gain weight to conceive Blake Shelton's baby

The tabloid claimed that the Hollaback Girl singer is working on gaining weight to bear Blake Shelton's child. Gwen Stefani allegedly read somewhere that "heavier women" have an easier time giving birth.

The outlet also claimed that the former No Doubt singer was undergoing IVF treatments to conceive a child with her current boyfriend. But at present, she is focused on "going all-out to pack on the pounds and she's having a ton of fun in the process."

There is reportedly no limits for Stefani's high-calorie diet. Although the singer still eats healthy foods, she's more into foods that would help her gain more pounds.

"She's been stuffing her face with things she wouldn't usually touch, like cheese doodles, French fries and ice cream," a source said.

"But for the most part it's all about scarfing down stuff that will expand her waistline."


Stefani desperate to give Shelton a baby

The same outlet also alleged that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are having a "secret trial marriage." Stefani's dad has already given his permission to the God's Country singer to ask Stefani's hand in marriage. Also, she is reportedly desperate to give him a child.

"Gwen will try almost anything to give herself and Blake a baby, and everyone knows it's been a real rollercoaster at times," the tipster continued.

"If eating naughty for a while gives her and Blake the chance to be parents, it will be the smallest of prices to pay!"

Rumor debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the claims and called the outlet "disreputable."

First, it has no photos to back its claim that Gwen Stefani is bigger than her usual size.

The report added a photo of Stefani sporting a large coat with many layers, so it was difficult to assess her body. Also, she did not appear heavier at all.

Second, it was not true that the couple entered into a "secret trial marriage." Blake Shelton and Stefani are both adults and previously married. It's unlikely for her dad to put them to such an arrangement just to give his blessing to them.

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