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Donald Trump Impeachment: Hailey Bieber, Cole Sprouse & other celebs react to US President being voted out

In a historic move, US President Donald Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives on Wednesday. The businessman-turned-politician was voted out by the representatives for high crimes and misdemeanours. In a 230 to 197 vote, the House Of Representatives accused Donald Trump of abuse of power and gave the recommendation to remove him as US President. As the news of the impeachment came, celebs like Hailey Bieber, Cole Sprouse and others took to social media to react to it.

Hailey Bieber, who wrote on her Instagram story ‘Bye Felicia’ and later deleted it, reacted to the news of Trump’s impeachment. Post this, Cole Sprouse took to Twitter and rejoiced. He wrote, “Sleeeeep im-heavenly-peaaaachhhhh. SLEEeep im-heavenlllly-peachhhh. #happyholidays2019.” Jordyn Woods also mentioned about the impeachment in her tweet on her handle and wrote, “What a time to be alive." Later, Chad Johnson also took to Twitter and expressed his confusion over the news. 

Chad wrote, “Donald Trump has been impeached, not sure what that entails because the language in the meaning of that can be tricky I’m sure…” Apart from this, Maria Shriver, Meek Mill, Christina Perri, Aimee Camera, Rachel Zegler, Dean Cain, Micheal Moore, Rob Reiner, Alyssa Milano, Bette Midler and more also expressed their opinions in the matter of Donal Trump’s impeachment. While the house has merely voted him out and have recommended him to be removed for abuse of power for political benefit, it remains to be seen what happens in US politics over it. 

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