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Harry and Meghan: Headed Down Under!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to step down as senior royals and start a new life abroad was spurred on by their dream of living a happier and more peaceful existence.

But the snap decision to relocate their young family to LA has turned out to be anything but idyllic.

Taking place against the backdrop of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Harry, 35, Meghan, 38, and 1-year-old Archie quickly found themselves adjusting to their new US life while living in isolation.

Now, violent mass protests have broken out across the United States, sparked by the death in police custody of unarmed black man George Floyd.

A source tells New Idea that Harry is deeply troubled by what he’s witnessing in the US and that it’s becoming clear that their dream life isn’t panning out as hoped.

“It’s rapidly becoming a nightmare that no dad would ever want his baby son involved in,” the source reveals.

The insider claims there have even been terrifying “fireworks, fighting and explosions” close to the royals’ bolthole mansion.

“The United States is a terribly violent place to be right now,” adds the source.

“For someone who has seen frontline combat I imagine that would have been very triggering for Harry.”

The source is also of the belief that Harry realises “the volatile situation might actually get worse – and he wants out”.

“He doesn’t want Archie’s first memories being of explosions and fear, which they will be at this rate, growing up in Los Angeles.”

Moving out of America is reportedly Harry’s top priority. And while the obvious choice is to re-join the royal family in the UK, the source says Harry’s own ego might stop him from doing that.

“He knows it will look ridiculous to go back to England with his tail between his legs, not to mention that he doubts Meghan would even go.”

So where to next for the Sussexes? The royal insider believes Prince Harry has his “heart set” on Australia!

“To him, the move makes sense,” reveals the insider.

“He was already so impressed at how [Australia] handled the COVID-19 crisis, and it feels like a safe, beautiful sanctuary at the other end of the world right now and he desperately wants to whisk his wife and child to safety.”

Harry has reportedly “always loved” Australia ever since spending part of his gap year Down Under in 2003 – and believes it would be the perfect spot for his family to escape both coronavirus and the political unrest in the US.

Logistically, there are a few kinks in the plan that would need to be ironed out. For instance, Australia currently has its border locked down to international arrivals – however the source says the prince should be able to pull some strings.

“[A]ll it would take would be a phone call from Harry to the Aussie government and they’d let him in.

“He’s a dignitary in their eyes and having the Sussexes live there would be hugely positive for the country.”

The source believes, however, that the trickier task would be to convince actress Meghan, who may be concerned about being “too far away from Hollywood”.

“Harry argues her career can wait and they must put safety first,” the source says.

“Now all he has to do is convince Meghan to move there.”

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