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Heidi Klum gives her ‘AGT’ golden buzzer to talented singer Cristina Rae

Heidi Klum gave her golden buzzer to a single mom and talented singer, Cristina Rae during Tuesday’s episode of America’s Got Talent.

Prior to Rae’s performance, the contestant’s adorable son already charmed judge Klum when he appeared on stage. Rae was talking to America’s Got Talent host Terry Crews when the young boy walked to the side of the stage and peeped from behind the curtains.

Klum noticed Rae’s son and she told her fellow judge, Sofia Vergara, that she wants to have another baby.


Cristina Rae’s story

When Rae finally took to the stage, she told the judges that she’s a single mom. The talented singer also revealed that she was homeless while she was pregnant with her son.

The judges asked Rae why she decided to join the hit NBC reality TV show. And she said that she wanted to have a place that she could call home. She also said that she wants to give her son his own bedroom.

Judge Howie Mandel encouraged Rae to do her best. He said that Rae should think of the studio as her home and the people watching her are her family.

Rae sang her own rendition of Phil Collins’ hit song “In the Air Tonight.” And even though thousands of people were impressed by her singing, judge Simon Cowell asked her to sing her second song.

The contestant then sang Rolling Stone’s “Gimme Shelter,” which earned her a standing ovation from all four judges and the audiences.

Heidi Klum impressed by Cristina Rae’s performance

After Vergara, Mandel, and Cowell commented on Rae’s performance, the cameras panned to Klum.

“I think you are absolutely out of this world. My heart is racing for you, it really is,” Klum said.

While pointing at the golden buzzer on the table, the supermodel asked Rae if she’s ready. Klum then pressed the golden buzzer and Rae got to her knees while the confetti was falling on her.

Klum got up the stage to congratulate Rae on her performance. And the judge said that she thinks they could win this season.

“You’re amazing. I want you to have that house and you’re on your way to getting it right now,” she said.

Heidi Klum didn’t body shame teen dancer

However, Klum also made headlines following Tuesday’s episode for an entirely different reason. The supermodel was accused of body-shaming a teen contestant.

After seeing Amanda LaCount’s performance for a few seconds, Klum pressed her golden buzzer. On Twitter, some audiences accused her of body shaming the contestant.

But when Klum commented on LaCount’s performance, she made it clear that she thinks the teenager is a good dancer. However, she didn’t think that LaCount did was a million-dollar act.

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