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Here’s how you can (eventually) get ‘Fortnite’s Aquaman skin

Season 2 closure that comes with the advent of the recently-held Doomsday Event in Fortnite has inevitably marked the dawn of Season 3, dubbed the "Splash Down." But while much of the surprise that comes with the newly-arrived season is yet to materialize in one form or another, we at least know a few things of what to expect—particularly is how to get the Aquaman skin.

Aquaman's entry in Fortnite has its fair share of intrigue. One born in a possible, yet unsurprising, rivalry between Marvel and DC in a new landscape. Drawing from the fact that the game's most recent skin is the anti-hero from the Marvel universe, Deadpool.

Nevertheless, one thing is certain—2018's Aquaman debut in the popular battle royale game is a fitting entry to a theme involving seawater.

With Armor and/or Without

At the moment, it is known that the Aquaman skin will come in two variants. One is the golden armor-clad Aquaman and another is the shirtless Aquaman (Arthur Curry). Every player is entitled to get the two skin styles, but only after they purchased the Season 3 Battle Pass.

Buying the Season 3 Battle Pass grants the user the full-armored Aquaman skin, which is a necessary requirement for the Arthur Curry variant. However, merely buying the Battle Pass will not unlock the skin off the bat. The player must go through five unique challenges first to finally get the Aquaman skin.

A Waiting Game

But not all challenges will become available at launch. Only a single challenge is accessible to players, coinciding with the start of the new season. This means that players may have to wait for the developers to launch all five diverse challenges before they could get their hands on the DC figure costume.

Essentially, that means having to wait another 2 fortnights from launch, since each challenge only becomes available once a week.

An Easy Challenge

However, it's already revealed what condition players must do in order to fulfill the initial task. Basically, this involves using a "whirlpool" at a certain "Fortilla" in Fortnite.

As it appears, the Fortilla is a new base that comes with the game's Season 3, which is located at the Southwest portion of the map. Alternatively, it is that same accessible spot close to both Rickety Rig and Holly Hedges.

As for employing a whirlpool at the aforementioned location, it's merely a case of letting yourself in the middle of one on water. If done right, the whirlpool should subsequently launch you to a higher elevation where you can glide.

Image used courtesy of Fortnite/YouTube Screenshot

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