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How to catch a Dorado fish in ‘Animal Crossing New Horizons’

Animal Crossing's rivers are home to various critters. June marks the time to catch one of the most expensive fish in the game, the Dorado.

Animal Crossing features a lot of fishes and insects which have different spawn rates depending on the month and time of day a player is playing. One of the rarest critters in the game is the Dorado.

The large golden-colored fish is only available during certain hours and will have a relatively huge shadow as it lurks in river waters. Below are some tips to help Animal Crossing fans catch the elusive and rare fish:

Dorado season and spawn time

The Dorado can only be captured during the summer seasons of the northern and southern hemispheres.

Northern Hemisphere – June to SeptemberSouthern Hemisphere – December to March

The rare fish can only be found in river waters and in the daytime. This means players should start looking for a very large fish silhouette in their rivers between 4 AM to 9 PM. Dorados will never spawn outside of this time frame.

The fish is very rare and stocking up on a few fish baits will be very helpful.

How to catch a Dorado

To catch the rare fish, players must make sure that they are carrying a few fishing rods. With this in mind, they can start walking up and down their island's river to look for any huge fish silhouettes.

When spotting one, players will need to cast their lines and wait for the fish to bite. After the fish pulls the bait under the surface of the water, players must quickly press the A button to reel the fish and capture it.

The player must have patience since the Dorado is an extremely rare fish. There is no guarantee that a Dorado will come out in every large fish silhouette they can find.

Players who are having a hard time catching a Dorado can use fish baits. Fish baits randomly spawn various fish silhouettes. Players will need to keep their fingers crossed that the bait lures a large fish shadow.

Dorado selling price

Selling this fish to Timmy and Tommy in the Nook's Cranny will earn players 15,000 Bells. This makes the Dorado one of the highest-selling fish in Animal Crossing.

However, players can also hold onto the Dorado and wait until CJ comes to their island. The visitor will buy the fish at a whopping 18,000 Bells, 20% higher than Nook's Cranny.

Featured image courtesy of ZoëTwoDots/Youtube Screenshot

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