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How to win matches in ‘Valorant’ using agent Phoenix

Valorant with its agents is pretty impressive. For one, Phoenix has a unique fiery skillset, which makes him an ideal offlaner.

However, mastering this agent requires in-depth knowledge of his skills. Phoenix is classified as a duelist. He's the kind of agent that can lead the team on the battlefield.

He has an ability that blinds enemies as well as makes a firewall to prevent enemies from getting close. If things don't go his way, his fiery wrath can even provide him with healing abilities.

His ultimate can bring him back to life, which lets him engage in the battlefield recklessly. Delving deeper into the specifics of Phoenix, here is a breakdown of what he can do as one of the top agents in Valorant.


All of Phoenix's abilities are fire-based, perfect for catching any enemy off guard.


Phoenix can cast a wall of fire that blocks the vision of both teams and will damage anyone who comes too close to the wall.

One advantage of the firewall is it heals Phoenix as he stands on it. This skill is ideal when teammates are planting the spike or to block the enemy team from moving forward.


The curveball is the perfect ability to use when checking in corners. The ability blinds enemies to the side of Phoenix before pushing in.

Players will need a lot of practice to master this skill. It is one of Phoenix's best ability which will let him and his teammates push through the enemy defense.

Hot Hands

The Hot Hands ability can be used in various ways – heal Phoenix by throwing the skill on the floor or throw it to enemies to deal damage.

This ability makes Phoenix stand out since he can use it to frag enemies while healing himself even without a sage in the team.

Run It Back

Phoenix's ultimate ability might take a few seconds to load, but once it's activated, Phoenix gets an extra life. The ultimate marks Phoenix's current position as his respawn point. It gives him the ability to enter gunfights or scout the map without dying.

Phoenix's ultimate ability is certainly the best tool in his skillset. High-risk / high-reward plays can be done by Phoenix without risking his life. Phoenix can also use his ultimate ability to solely enter areas that are infiltrated by the enemies and trade his first life for an easy Valorant victory.

Featured image courtesy of Simply Valorant/Youtube Screenshot

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