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Is Ellen DeGeneres Quitting Her Talk Show?

There have been many false claims about Ellen DeGeneres quitting her daytime talk show. The popular host’s show is a hit among viewers but is DeGeneres ready to say goodbye? Here are the few times Gossip Cop busted the tabloids for being wrong about the media personality departing her show.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Ready For A Family?

At the beginning of 2019, Life & Style alleged Ellen DeGeneres was leaving her show to have kids with her wife, Portia de Rossi. A supposed source told the paper, "Ellen's finally quitting Hollywood. After years of Portia begging her to leave her talk show behind, she's finally relenting."

The so-called insider further contended that DeGeneres was “stepping back” so she and de Rossi could start a family together. DeGeneres did reveal during an interview with The New York Times that her wife would like for her to retire, however, de Rossi never asked DeGeneres to quit Hollywood. As far as children, DeGeneres admitted in a separate interview that she and de Rossi decided not to have kids.

Ellen Quits After Defending Kevin Hart?

A month later, the Globe asserted DeGeneres was leaving her show following the backlash she received for supporting Kevin Hart. The TV host defended Hart after homophobic tweets he posted years ago resurfaced. DeGeneres asked the public to forgive the comedian, but her decision to stand behind Hart was met with criticism from the LGBT community.

“Ellen is used to being a beloved TV icon, and she feels she's getting too old to be the object of bullying," a sketchy insider told the magazine. Although it was true that a lot of people weren’t happy with DeGeneres’ decision to back Hart, the actress was not leaving her show because of the reaction. Gossip Cop checked with a source close to DeGeneres who confirmed the story was fabricated.

Neil Patrick Harris, Chrissy Teigen, And More To Replace Ellen?

Following this, Life & Style was debunked by Gossip Cop again for falsely claiming DeGeneres was retiring and already eyeing a replacement. The tabloid declared DeGeneres was "retiring from her Emmy-winning daytime talk show at wife Portia de Rossi's urging." The publication further contended the comedienne had "already drawn up a shortlist of superstars to fill her dancing shoes."

The list supposedly included: Neil Partick Harris, Ellie Kemper, and Chrissy Teigen. None of this was true. Gossip Cop had already corrected the narrative that DeGeneres was leaving her show at her wife’s urging. It also wasn’t the first time the tabloids tried to insinuate de Rossi and DeGeneres’ marriage was in trouble because of the show.

Ellen's Neck Injury Made Her Quit?

In October of 2019, the National Enquirer stated DeGeneres was quitting her talk show following a neck injury. Even though the host continued to appear on her show despite the minor injury and stated that she was feeling better, the paper took the story and over-dramatized it.

An unnamed source told the magazine, “Ellen's already filming only four days a week and has been telling people she can't handle the grind anymore." Gossip Cop spoke to a source close to the situation who confirmed the bogus story was inaccurate.

Overall, we suspect Ellen DeGeneres isn’t ready to say goodbye to her talk show just yet. When the time comes, we’re sure it will be done the right way. And the news won't break in a supermarket tabloid.

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