It’s Not Mom-Shaming to Scold Kylie Jenner for Her Disgraceful Behavior

Kylie Jenner hasn’t had the best few weeks, and not just because Forbes revoked her billionaire status and dragged her name through the mud. Most recently, Kylie had the audacity to attend her friend’s birthday party and gleefully flout social distancing rules.

Has the reality star completely lost her mind and forgotten we’re in the middle of a pandemic, or is she just too rich to care?


The Kylie Cosmetics founder was pictured in attendance at Stassie’s 23rd birthday party on Monday alongside a group of friends. No one was wearing a mask, and not one of them was social distancing.

So what’s the deal?

Is Kylie unphased by potentially catching the disease? What’s more, is she completely non-plussed that a lot of young girls look to her for guidance?

Worst of all, doesn’t Kylie realize that she’s a mom now, and that should trump partying at every single turn?

Kylie Jenner Is Showing Her Age

Kylie likes to give off the impression that she’s a successful businesswoman with her feet on the ground.

While she makes her own money and owns an impressive property portfolio, let’s not forget she’d be nowhere without Kim K’s infamous sex tape. This dynasty has very rocky foundations.

When Kylie gave birth to Stormi at the tender age of 20, the youngest Jenner sibling probably thought she had truly entered womanhood.


On the contrary, giving birth doesn’t make you a mother. Staying home during a pandemic and putting your child’s needs first does.

I’m not suggesting Kylie give up her entire life. But as a parent myself that has made huge sacrifices to protect my family for the past few months, Kylie’s actions irk me beyond belief.

Then again, this is a girl incapable of standing on her own two feet for a hot minute. Despite all the bells and whistles and millions in the bank, Kylie Jenner has yet to enter adulthood. Instead, she’s permanently glued to the latest big-lipped, big-bootied girl that leeches onto her like a parasite thirsty for fame.


First Jordyn Woods, Now Stassi

There comes a time when you have to suck it up and stop living the life you led when you were 15. Before Stassie, Kylie Jenner was so attached to Jordyn Woods that she had her move into her house. These days, Stassie and Kylie are rarely apart.


Plus, when you look at Kylie’s dating history, it speaks volumes. She moved from Tyga to Travis Scott before the bedsheets had gone through the laundry. This is a woman allergic to independence.

Even if every single member of that vapid entourage was tested for the virus before they went in, that doesn’t guarantee that it’s not transferable by touch. The minute that Kylie accepted the invitation for cake and cuddles, she lost the right to be respected as a mother.

This is a disease that Kylie can’t swat away with wads of cash. Let’s hope she doesn’t learn that the hard way.

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