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Ivanka Trump Shared Heartbreaking Way She Found Out About Parents’ Divorce

Ivanka Trump previously revealed the heartbreaking way that she found out about Donald Trump and Ivana Trump’s divorce.

During her interview with Oprah Winfrey, the first daughter revealed that her parents were very protective of her and her two brothers, Don Jr., and Eric.

As such, following the end the POTUS and Ivana’s marriage, the former couple decided to keep the truth from their kids. Unfortunately, Ivanka saw one newspaper’s headline saying that her parents have already divorced.

“He was very much a part of our lives especially during the difficult period that was my parents' divorce. They sheltered me a lot, as much as they could from the media.

It was always there. So, no matter how good a job they did to relieve our anxiety and our fears, it was always the media that sort of undercut that,” she said.

During his interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Trump confirmed that he and Ivana agreed to not expose their three children to television and the newspapers during their divorce. The POTUS said that his kids had a very tough time.

Despite their family’s struggles, Ivanka grew up to be a responsible woman. She now works as an adviser to the POTUS.

Meanwhile, POTUS and Ivanka have a wonderful relationship with each other. Ivanka is believed to be Trump’s favorite child. As of late, it is still if her siblings and half-siblings take offense.

But what is known is that not everyone is pleased with Trump and Ivanka’s closeness. After all, the POTUS has made some sexually suggestive comments directed to his own child.

Porn star Stormy Daniels told InTouch Weekly in 2011 that Trump described her as someone who is beautiful and smart just like his daughter, Ivanka.

During a previous interview, Melania Trump’s husband was asked what his and Ivanka’s favorite thing is, and he gave a shocking response.

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