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Jennifer Aniston Getting A Makeover To Make Brad Pitt Jealous?

Is Jennifer Aniston getting a makeover to show Brad Pitt “what he’s missing” after getting together with Alia Shawkat? That’s what one tabloid is claiming this week in a rather silly article. 

This week, the National Enquirer writes that Aniston is getting a “revenge body overhaul” to get back at her ex-husband for supposedly having “shacked up” with actress Alia Shawkat.

“Light Botox, fillers, high-end laser work all over,” a supposed “insider” tells the publication. “She’s giving herself a head-to-toe tune-up,” says the source, which she apparently hopes “will make her look 30 again.”

Jennifer Aniston, the tabloid says, has been “fuming” over Brad Pitt ever since he “broke his ex-spouse’s heart” when Shawkat was seen going over to his house. Allegedly, Pitt had “teased” Aniston “that they might get back together” throughout the winter before moving in with Shawkat.

“It’s don’t a major number on her self-esteem, but Jen’s damned if she’ll just sit there and sulk,” the source continues. “She wants to get out there and show Brad exactly what he’s missing — and what better way than to knock herself into the shape of her life?”

Like every single other tabloid article that’s romantically linked Pitt and Aniston since they split up 15 years ago, this story is completely bogus. The outlet claims that Pitt and Shawkat are moving in together, a claim it already made elsewhere in this same issue and which Gossip Cop was told by a trusted source was “completely absurd.”

Then, there’s the main meat of this story about Aniston getting a full-body makeover just to spite Pitt. As Gossip Cop has reiterated over and over again, the two ex-spouses are not getting back together in any way.

They had that nice, friendly exchange at the SAG Awards after they both clinched awards in their categories, but that’s seriously all it was: friendly. Moreover, Jennifer Aniston’s own rep denied the story to the Enquirer, but the notoriously inaccurate tabloid refuses to let up.

Moreover, while the tabloid insists now that Pitt had only “teased” Aniston with romance, back in January it was straight up claiming they’d gotten back together. Another dubious “source” told the Enquirer that Pitt “broke down one day” and “begged” Aniston for forgiveness over leaving her or Angelina Jolie. She did, apparently, feeling that “he’s suffered enough.” Once again, a spokesperson for Aniston dismissed this story as entirely false.

The phony stories just keep coming. In April, the tabloid published a report about Jennifer Aniston “rebounding” from Brad Pitt with John Mayer, as if there was anything to “rebound” from. That article contended that Mayer and Aniston had been spotted at a hotel restaurant together, supposedly for a romantic reunion.

What the tabloid failed to mention, as Gossip Cop explained, was that they had been joined by two other friends as well. Page Six also reported that it “wasn’t a romantic meeting,” while Aniston’s spokesperson denied the report as well. The publication just can't get it right when it comes to the former couple.

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