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Jennifer Aniston Getting ‘Revenge Makeover’ To Teach Brad Pitt A Lesson: Report

Jennifer Aniston is, reportedly, getting a total makeover to send a message to Brad Pitt. A tabloid claimed the Friends actress is about to have a head-to-toe revenge makeover so her first ex-husband would realize what he is missing. 

The National Enquirer published a story this week alleging Jen is getting a body tune-up to get back at Brad for dating actress Alia Shawkat instead of her. The tabloid cited a source claiming that Aniston has been planning to have Botox, fillers, and high-end laser works all over her body in hopes to make her look like 30 again.

The tabloid alleged Aniston got furious at Pitt because the actor, allegedly, broke her heart once again when Shawkat was seen spending time at his house. The National Enquirer implied that the Once Upon A Time in Hollywood actor gave Jen a false hope that they are getting back together but he did not pursue her. 

The Morning Show actress, allegedly, wants to get back in shape again so Pitt would see what he rejected. The outlet added Brad's action of moving in with Shawkat shattered Aniston's self-esteem. 

But the National Enquirer's story has no basis at all for so many reasons. First of all, Aniston's rep denied the rumor and the actress has no reason to get mad at Pitt even if he is dating someone else since they are not a couple. Jen and Brad are friends and nothing more. 

Secondly, Brad and Alia are not dating too. The two are also good friends. While it's true that they were spotted together multiple times in the past, it doesn't mean that they are dating.

Lastly, the Ad Astra actor has previously said he is not dating anyone at the moment. Not Aniston, not Shawkat, or somebody else. Pitt has been linked to several celebrities since he and Angelina Jolie got divorced. 

Most recently, he was rumored to be dating Australian reporter Renee Bargh. The Voice Australia co-host already denied the speculations about her and the Oscar-winning actor. 

Pitt was also rumored to be dating Charlize Theron. The Bombshell actress also denied the rumor.

As for Aniston, the same tabloid claimed back in April that the Murder Mystery actress is "rebounding" from Pitt with her another ex, John Mayer. The National Enquirer claimed the two have been spotted having a meal together earlier this year at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles.

It is true that the two met up there but it wasn't a romantic date. Jen and John were joined by their mutual friends Amanda Anka and Andy Cohen.

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