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Jennifer Aniston hands over Brad Pitt: bikini photos with this man! And they have hours

A rumor had been circulating in the past few weeks Hollywood that had left Jennifer Aniston’s follower open-mouthed. And it was nothing more than a possible return of the actress with Brad Pitt,

There were many voices assuring that both would re-establish contact after they ended their respective relationships. Brad and Jennifer were on the way to reshape one of the most medial couples in today’s scene.

Jennifer Anniston’s photos

The rumor wasn’t exactly unfounded. The Brad and Jennifer had started seeing each other again, and it’s no secret that the actor was one of the guests at the actress’s 50th anniversary celebration.

However, it seems that the desire that many had of what became reality has fallen into the broken sack. And a few pictures of Jennifer in the Brazil have appeared Twitter,


Some photos where we can see the actress not only in a bikini, but also next to a man. Is he a friend Is there anything else? Is he maybe his new partner? Only she knows the answer, but it is clear that many point in this direction.

In addition, many of the comments generated by the images in question were received there. While it is true that many are trying to put the brakes on by making sure that “they are just a few photos ” and the ” We don’t know who this man is “It is also true that more than one believes that” Jennifer leaves Brad. “

The truth is that, as expected, Jennifer has decided to stay out of the controversy. She knows very well, among other things, because she has been in business for many years that the less she goes into this type of game with her fans and the media, the better. Of course, the rumor seems to be gaining strength.

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