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Jennifer Aniston Shockingly Sent This Message To Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt reunited at the SAG Awards last week, and their supporters couldn’t be happier.

One photo of the former couple shows Aniston leaning in on Pitt’s cheek to give him a kiss. Another photo shows Pitt grabbing his ex-wife’s hand in an attempt to keep her close.

Body language expert Dr. Louise Mahler discussed the special moment by saying that Pitt’s touch was very gentle and it almost made him seem like a surgeon because even though there was pressure, there was no aggression.

According to Mahler, Aniston and Pitt also sent the entire world and each other a very clear message.

“They love each other very deeply, this new connection they share is growing stronger all the time, and they want the world to know their friendship isn’t going anywhere,” she told New Idea.

Mahler also revealed that it was Aniston and her team who orchestrated the backstage reunion of the couple at the awards show. Luckily, Pitt was also happy to go along with their plan.

“Her team tipped off the photographers who covered the event and they were in position for when Brad and Jen walked into the room to greet each other,” she said.

But as exciting as Aniston and Pitt’s body language was, the publication’s cryptic headline about the A-listers getting back together isn’t true. According to New Idea, Pitt managed to win back Aniston’s heart years after their divorce.

Unfortunately, Aniston and Pitt are nothing more than friends. And they plan to stay this way until the end.

Meanwhile, Aniston opened up about her reunion with Pitt during her interview with Entertainment Tonight. She called the reaction of fans hysterical, but she also understood that the public didn’t have anything else to talk about.

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