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Jennifer Lopez And Kendall Jenner In A Dress That Doesn’t Need A Bra

JLo looks stunning at 50 and Kendall shows why she is one of the most sought-after young models on the catwalks

Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lopez star in a stunning campaign for Versace. The young model and the 50-year-old actress posed with several sets for this advertising campaign, but there was a particular design with which they shared a similar style especially at chest height. 

Kendall has no sleeves and JLo’s has them and even shoulder pads were added to this, but the chest is practically the same, which is why the two had to leave the bra behind.

At the height of the breasts Versace’s design literally embraces the attributes of each one, the garment seems to favor women of prominent or delicate curves like Kendall’s, although it should be noted that JLo is not famous for having a lot of busts. However, the rest of her figure is quite curvilinear.

Again it becomes clear, with this collaboration, that Jennifer Lopez and the Kardashian clan have a close relationship since JLo has also shared advertising credits even with Kim Kardashian. 

This, on the other hand, has not prevented the Bronx diva from having a friendship with Taylor Swift, who has not re-established communication with Kanye West or his wife for more than three years.

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