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Jennifer Lopez: Alex Rodriguez’s Fiancée Talks About How To Foster Strong Relationship

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are two big personalities in the entertainment industry and truth is maintaining a relationship in Hollywood is not easy. But this power couple lives by this value to foster strong bond in their romance. It’s not all bright and shiny in a relationship. Misunderstandings and miscommunications are common amongst couple but according to Lopez, when things get crazy, when emotions are heightened and people get crazy, you need to stay calm, Elle reported.

The said news publication cited the actress’ interview with CBS Sunday Morning where Lopez shared that she received an important piece of advice from Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whom she met earlier this year. Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg reportedly pointed out the imperfection of human beings —which is normal— and there are times that you just have to be a little deaf and let it go.

Arguments in a relationship are common but there’s a fine line between having a meaningful argument and destructive argument. There are different styles of argument but relationship expert Chantal Heide, as reported by Global News, coined a term for the common argument style that most couples do in a relationship —Megaphone on an island style.

“Megaphone on an island” style, as defined by Heide in the said report, happens when one stands firm on his or her position while blasting his or her tenets to the other without considering their own sets of values and how they could bridge this distance. One partner is angry at the other for his or her unwillingness to build that bridge to come to the other side. So much so that both are busy yelling their standpoints that nobody listens to what the other is saying.

In the said report, Heide pointed out the results for such dilemma. Since both partners did not give each other a chance to air out their respective issues, things may go unresolved. Moreover, both are unwilling to apologize without feeling defensive.

Ultimately, instead of having the issue resolved, it gets bottled up. In a relationship, partners are supposed to help each other grow but it won’t be possible without compassion and understanding.

It’s dangerous to be overpowered by emotions so staying calm is the perfect key to any conflicts and that’s what exactly Lopez and Rodriguez are now practicing, thanks to Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg, who by the way, has been married to her husband for 50 years before his death in 2010 because of cancer.

Lopez, 50, and Rodriguez, 44, had been together for 2 years. While the couple was in the Bahamas to celebrate their 2-year anniversary on March, Rodriguez reportedly proposed to the singer.

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