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Jennifer Lopez takes everything away and goes without shaving! Photo with bomb!

As much as she has been one of the most famous celebrities on the international scene for several decades, Jennifer López continues to awaken some antipathy in social networks.


The reasons are only known to their haters, but it is evident, and more seeing many of the comments in their publications, which are many who have a certain desire for the Bronx.

But of course, with the explosion of Instagram, many of her detractors have seen in the aforementioned social network the opportunity and the perfect way to mercilessly attack the actress and singer.

They usually do it whenever JLo hangs a photo or video on their public profile, but also on those accounts managed by the actress’s fans dedicated to her.


JLo’s photo

In this case, it has been a photo precisely of one of those Jennifer fan accounts that has raised much controversy. And in it, we can see the American without any makeup.

An image that has generated comments of all kinds. On the one hand, those of her most faithful followers who have praised the beauty of JLo with opinions such as ” How beautiful this woman is ” or ” Even without a drop of makeup is beautiful .” But of course, it has been her haters, her most hostile detractors, who have carried her with everything.


And the main focus of the attack has been the eyebrows of the one in New York, which many consider “should be shaved.” Yes, the desire that their haters have of trying to sink Jennifer reaches this point. ” Shave your eyebrows”, “How much hair please” or ” If the one that does not makeup or shaves looks like another” are just some of the many comments in this regard.

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