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Song Ji Hyo Shares Kim Heechul’s Reaction To Her Congratulations At His Dating News

Song Ji Hyo revealed how Super Junior’s Kim Heechul reacted to her congratulatory message!

On the March 14 episode of “Ask Us Anything,” Kang Ho Dong asked Song Ji Hyo if she reached out to him after his dating news with TWICE’s Momo was made public.

She replied, “Yes, I texted him congratulating him. Heechul said, ‘Thanks.'”

She continued, “What he said after that was so memorable. He said, ‘[Momo] is a really great person.'” Kim Heechul broke out into a startled laugh and asked, “When did I say that?” to which Song Ji Hyo replied, “It’s in my phone!”

He then joked, “We text when good things are happening in each other’s lives. A while back when the ‘Running Man‘ news was covered up, I texted her, ‘Congratulations on continuing to appear on ‘Running Man.’ Please continue running.”

This made everyone laugh and Seo Jang Hoon commented, “How many people are you going for today? Everyone forgot about that and no one knows what that’s about.” Kang Ho Dong joked, “Is there no such thing as an expiration date for talks? This has gone bad already.”

Kim Heechul added, “We worry about and take care of each other so we always exchange messages when happy or sad things are happening in our lives.”

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