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Kate Dreading The Release Of Meghan’s 300-Page Diary Detailing Their Issues

Kate Middleton is allegedly dreading the upcoming release of Meghan Markle’s 300-page diary that contains details about their feud.

According to Woman’s Day Australia, Middleton’s friends warned her to watch out for the release of Markle’s memoir, which will most likely happen following the release of Finding Freedom: Harry, Meghan, and the Making of a Modern Royal Family.

“Kate knows that she won’t be painted well in Finding Freedom, and is dreading its release. But news of the diary is even worse. Whatever is in that is small fry compared to Meghan’s deepest personal thoughts being made public. Kate can’t help but wonder if the piece in Tatler and Omid’s book are just tests for how successful Meghan’s memoir would be,” the source said.

Markle’s diary will reportedly detail everything that she hated about Middleton and the royal family. “Word is, there are 300 pages of Meghan’s handwritten account of life at Kensington Palace, and she focuses on a lot of energy on how she didn’t get on with Kate. None of it is good.

Meghan and Kate didn’t eye to eye from the get-go. Kate established her seniority early and Meghan absolutely hated it. She expected to be treated like the queen, and sadly for her only one of them will reach that status. Kate may bear the brunt of her anger via her poison pen,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Prince Harry’s wife is still seething over the fact that when Middleton snaps her fingers, her staff at Kensington Palace immediately come running to her rescue.

This is something that Markle didn’t experience while she was working as a senior member of the royal family. In fact, she and Prince Harry previously complained about not being heard following a series of complaints that they aired with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles.

Meanwhile, Markle’s diary could allegedly rake in at least $200 million. And since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are allegedly struggling with their finances, they will do almost anything to earn money.

“Meghan is an excellent self-promoter and this is her ultimate chance to be presented exactly how she wants. The palace, and Kate, would have to be extremely concerned about this diary seeing the light of day,” the source said.

However, one should take these claims with a grain of salt. Markle hasn’t said anything about her diary being turned into a memoir. In fact, there is also no confirmation that her diary has been leaked.

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