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Kate Hilariously Revealed That William Made Fun Of Her Yellow Dress

Kate Middleton and Prince William recently showed their support to the firefighters, paramedics, and police via a video message.

In the clip for Australia’s Thank A First Responder Day, Middleton donned a beautiful yellow dress. The Duchess of Cambridge’s attire isn’t new since she already wore it six years ago.

During that time, Middleton revealed that Prince William made fun of her dress. The Duke of Cambridge told his wife that she looks like a banana because of the color of her attire. Despite the hilarious criticism, Middleton continued to wear the same outfit. According to Closer Weekly, the yellow dress is priced at $1,077.

Throughout the royal couple’s nine-year marriage, they have been known for making fun of each other. In fact, a body language expert previously analyzed Prince William and Middleton’s relationship in public.

While speaking with Cosmopolitan, body language expert Blanca Cobb noted the fact that Prince William and Middleton are more reserved compared to the other members of the royal family. However, this doesn’t mean that they love each other any less.

Cobb looked at a photo of Prince William and Middleton leaning into each other to talk even though Camilla Parker Bowles is sitting in between them. The expert said that the Cambridge s tried to make eye contact with each other without overstepping into Camilla’s personal space.

During a television interview in 2017, Duchess Cambridge affectionately touched her husband’s knee. Cobb said that the gesture signaled that Prince William and Middleton can relate to each other.

The body language expert also said that there’s a certain level of familiarity between Prince William and Middleton. And the latter’s touch connected her with her husband even though they are in front of other people.

During their royal tour of Germany, Prince William and Middleton were photographed walking close to each other. In fact, the Duke of Cambridge even wrapped his arm around Middleton’s shoulder.

Cobb said that the royal couple’s synchronized movements show that they are emotionally in sync. In the photo, Prince William and Middleton are both leading with their left leg.

During another royal engagement, Prince William and Middleton seemingly mirrored each other. Both of them are leaning on the rails, and they are holding a toy horn.

And on another occasion, Prince William couldn’t contain his excitement over his favorite team winning that he wrapped his arms around Middleton’s waist. The latter’s hands were raised up in the air.

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