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Kate may take Princess Diana’s royal title

The Duchess of Cambridge will become Queen Consort when her husband one day ascends the throne.

Sooner than that, however, Kate may be the first British royal to take over the title held by Princess Diana, who was beloved by royal followers.

Unsubstantiated rumours have been swirling that Queen Elizabeth, 94, plans to abdicate the British throne to make way for her son Prince Charles to become king.

It is also believed she is keen to enter retirement with her husband Prince Phillip, who turns 99 on June 10 and has already retired from royal life.

If it were to happen, this development would leave Prince William one step closer to the top job, with Kate, 38, by his side.

When his father eventually ascends the throne, William, 37, will take over his Prince of Wales title.

How Camilla's title will change when her husband becomes King is less certain.

She is already entitled to use the title Princess of Wales; however, due to its strong association with Diana, who died in a Paris car crash in 1997, she hasn't taken it on. Instead, Camilla is known as the Duchess of Cornwall.

However, Kate will most certainly take on the title when William eventually becomes the Prince of Wales. She is a beloved member of the British royal family, and arguably one the British public sees fit to take over her late-mother-in-law's royal title.

Royal expert Iain MacMarthanne, who is writing a paper on the British monarch, told Express UK exactly which title changes to expect.

"When Charles inherits the throne, the Duke of Cambridge will automatically become Duke of Cornwall and Duke of Rothesay, amongst other titles that are assumed by the heir to the throne," he said.

"As his wife, Catherine will become Duchess of Cornwall and Rothesay. These new dukedoms will be in addition to that of Cambridge already held."

MacMarthanne explained the Prince of Wales title will not automatically pass to William; instead, the matter will be left up to Prince Charles.

"The title of Prince of Wales is not assumed automatically by the heir to the throne, and remains within the gift of the monarch," he said.

"In the case of Charles, his mother the Queen created him Prince of Wales in 1958.

"In the event of the Duke of Cambridge being made Prince of Wales, Catherine would automatically become Princess of Wales. Likewise, with the succession of William, Catherine will become Queen Consort."

There is speculation as to whether Camilla will become Queen Consort when Charles becomes King, though since their wedding in 2005 the Duchess has been growing in popularity in the country.

Camilla faced backlash after Diana's much-publicised comments about there being "three people" in her marriage to Charles — a reference to Charles' relationship with Camilla, which she claims continued throughout their marriage.

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