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Kate Middleton Banters With Sophie, Countess of Sussex, During A Video Call

Kate Middleton bantered with Sophie, Countess of Sussex, during a Zoom call with some nurses.

The Duchess of Cambridge and the Countess of Sussex have a good relationship and it is evident during a recent video call. The two royals joined forces to celebrate International Nurses Day.

According to royal experts Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie, the two ladies joked with one another during the call, which only showed the strength of their relationship.

They were talking about the Duchess of Cambridge recruiting a nurse teacher’s ex-wife to teach Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The two royals started laughing loudly much to the delight of the nurses who were also in the call.

“I love seeing Kate and Sophie,” Fiorito said.

“The two of them really have a good kind of banter together and I love them tag-teaming things like this. I think in the beginning I felt Kate and William were mentioning homeschooling troubles and the challenges of it as a little bit of small talk.

But I do think the recurrence of we need help keeps coming up. That kind of makes me laugh because the desperation is setting in.”

Bowie added that she loves Sophie and wants to see more of Prince Edward’s wife. Fiorito agreed and recognized how Sophie was present in almost all Zoom calls during the tribute.

“Sophie is so comfortable with speaking to people. In one section she asks are the sunflowers blooming there yet, she is such a world traveller. She has really shown hereself in the spotlight she has been given,” Fiorito continued.

The expert also felt that the royal family has started noticing Sophie because they are including her in big royal updates, and she loves it.

In January, energy reader Alison Ward also highlighted Middleton and Sophie’s closeness during a special reception at the Buckingham Palace.

According to her, Middleton was so composed despite the strain following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s shocking exit announcement. However, the Duchess of Cambridge let her guard down when she was around the countess.

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