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Kate Middleton Reportedly Phoned Prince Harry After Seeing His Video Interview

Kate Middleton was reportedly shocked after seeing how Prince Harry’s appearance has deteriorated since he moved to Los Angeles.

Last month, the Duke of Sussex hosted a video chat on Zoom as part of his work with WellChild. In the clip, Meghan Markle’s husband tried to stay upbeat. However, New Idea claimed that Prince Harry’s deterioration was impossible to ignore.

After seeing Prince Harry on video, Middleton immediately phoned her brother-in-law. The Duchess of Cambridge allegedly realized that she needed to step in after realizing how much worse things have become for Prince Harry.

During their phone call, Middleton offered her love and support for the Duke of Sussex.

“Deep down, Kate still has a lot of love and affection for Harry and she must be worried about him at this time. She will worry that he is feeling isolated and alone. So, she may well have reached out to him,” royal expert Phil Dampier said.

The Duke of Sussex was very close to Middleton before he and Markle started dating. In fact, Prince Harry once referred to the Duchess of Cambridge as the sister that he never had.

But after Prince Harry tied the knot with Markle, his relationship with Middleton started deteriorating. Dampier said that other than Prince William and Prince Harry’s tainted relationship, another sad thing about Megxit has to do with Prince Harry’s relationship with Middleton.

Despite the distance between them, the future queen consort is reportedly aware that Prince Harry needs her now more than ever.

“Kate knows that now is the time for her to offer her brother-in-law help and love before things get even worse,” Dampier said.

Years ago, Newsweek also shared more details about Prince Harry and Middleton’s relationship. The publication claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge filled the hole that Princess Diana left in Prince Harry’s life.

Following the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement, Prince Harry continued to visit the couple at their apartment. During his visits, Middleton reportedly cooks Prince Harry a meal.

According to Daily Mail, one of Prince Harry and Middleton’s common interests is watching “Game of Thrones.” Middleton is like Prince Harry’s lynchpin because she helps him out with his cooking. She also gives her brother-in-law romantic advice.

The publication claimed that Prince Harry introduced Markle to Middleton first before anyone else from the royal family got to know his wife.

“Kate has quite a different relationship with Harry than she has with William. Harry appeals to her sillier side because he is carefree, footloose, and loves banter. He finds things funny about people and says so,” the source said.

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