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Kate Middleton Threatening To Cut Meghan Markle Off Financially?

Kate Middleton is not threatening to cut Meghan Markle off financially. One tabloid this week is pushing that rumor, but it’s not true. 

According to the Globe, the Duchess of Cambridge issued the Duchess of Sussex a “seething ultimatum”: to stop saying “vile public lies” or lose the $10 million “royal allowance” she and Prince Harry take in. Unnamed “sources” claim that Markle and Prince Harry are struggling financially after “moving to California to pursue the duchess’ Hollywood dreams.”

Middleton, the source says, “exploded” over Markle’s supposed “remarks branding Kate as a boring phony and repeating rumors William had strayed with one of their neighbors.” As an added threat, the future queen “hit Meghan where it hurts – in the wallet!”

The Sussexes, allegedly, have been hemorrhaging money since arriving in America, between repaying the $3 million renovations on their Frogmore Cottage property, paying high costs for private security, and struggling to get speaking engagements through their new partnership with the Harry Walker Agency.

So much about this story is completely inaccurate. First of all, why in the world would Kate Middleton have the power to manage royal allowances? That authority currently belongs to the monarch and the heir apparent. Kate Middleton married into the royal family, so at no point will she ever occupy either of those positions.

Also, as was widely reported, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle don’t take money from the royal family’s funds anymore: Prince Charles is helping the Sussexes out with finances while they work towards financial independence, and Prince Harry also inherited quite a bit of money from his mother, Princess Diana. Even if Middleton had any authority over royal finances, which she doesn’t, she still wouldn’t have any power over that money.

Moreover, despite the continued pushing of this nasty narrative, there’s no reason to think that Middleton and Markle actually have any feud. Middleton even recently spoke out against a magazine profile of herself for its unflattering depiction of Markle. Any claims to the contrary are simply tabloid hogwash.

Then, has Markle has ever publicly called Middleton a “boring phony,” or pushed any rumors about Prince William “straying?” No, of course she hasn’t, that would be a PR disaster for the entire royal family and you would have heard about it. 

Gossip Cop has already debunked rumors about keeping secret diaries trashing Middleton or planting unflattering stories about her in British media. We don’t know how else to say it: they’re just not true.

The Globe’s Markle/Middleton feud narrative is false, but it’s by no means new. In 2018 shortly before Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding, the tabloid published a cover story claiming that the two duchesses “hated” each other.

But the claim wasn’t true back then, either: multiple trustworthy news outlets had recently reported that Middleton and Markle had a “growing friendship,” and were “leaning on” each other amid prying media attention. They may not be best friends now, but they’re not enemies either.

In June the following year, Gossip Cop busted the publication for writing that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were furious at being “upstaged” by the Sussexes.

A supposed “insider” accused Markle and Prince Harry of launching a “Hollywood-style publicity grab” after welcoming their son Archie to the world. The story was clearly bogus to anyone who could recall that Markle had not even made a public appearance since just after her son was born.

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