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Kate Middleton Was ‘Put In Place,’ ‘Ignored’ At Royal Event

Kate Middleton is used to getting the attention of the people around her at various royal engagements. However, she was seemingly ignored at a recent event.

The Duchess of Cambridge failed to capture the attention of the children when she accompanied them to the Elves Enchanted Forest. On the “Royally Obsessed” podcast, U.S. commentator Kaitlin Menza said that there was a moment wherein Prince William’s wife tried to get the children to notice her tree. But when asked them if they thought that it was the right tree for her, no one paid attention to the future Queen. In fact, no one even looked at the Duchess of Cambridge. Co-host Lisa Ryan said that the moment showed how the kids were able to put the royal in her place. Ryan added that kids just don’t care.

Meanwhile, Middleton and her husband made headlines this week after Express journalist Vanessa Feltz said that the royal couple will be continuing Princess Diana’s legacy. Just recently, Prince William told Mary Berry that his two older children asked him about homelessness, and he tried to explain the issue to them. The Duke of Cambridge revealed how Prince George asked him why the homeless can’t go home.

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