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Did Katie Holmes’ Daughter Suri Flee Home To See Estranged Dad Tom Cruise?

Katie Holmes’ daughter Suri did not run away to be with her father Tom Cruise last year, despite a phony tabloid report.

On March 24, 2019, Gossip Cop busted New Idea for falsely claiming Suri had sought out “comfort” from her estranged dad after life with Holmes had become “unstable.”

A suspicious “insider” told the magazine that Suri had “made a decision” to spend more time with Cruise. “Now that she’s 12, she’s decided she wants to have more of a relationship with him and has really been pushing her mom to let her see him.”

The questionable source continued, “She just packed her bags and told her mom that she wasn’t taking no for an answer and demanded to see her dad.”

Putting aside how unlikely it was that Holmes would let her 12-year-old fly alone across the country to visit a man who is effectively a stranger to her, Gossip Cop looked into this story and found that it was obviously made up.

The tabloid included as “evidence” a picture of Suri outside of her New York City home with a suitcase, but neglected to mention that she was accompanied by her mother, and they were on their way together for a trip to Greece.

Furthermore, while New Idea alleged that Suri was going to visit Cruise at his newly-renovated penthouse in Florida, the actor was busy in California filming Top Gun: Maverick at the time. It’s obvious this article was completely made up.

This story has remained just as bogus in the year that has followed. Tom Cruise remains estranged from his daughter.  The claim that Suri’s life with Holmes is “unstable” is clearly absurd as well: Holmes remains as dedicated and supportive a mother as she’s ever been.

In a March interview with InStyle, Holmes said of her daughter, “I’ve always wanted Suri to feel empowered [in art]… I wanted her to create things instead of having stuff done for her. That way she was always in charge.”

She also discussed her and Suri’s shared love of the city they live in: “what I love about New York is that for me and my child, this is our vibe.” Clearly, Suri is not looking to “run away” from her mother any time soon.

Even though Cruise hasn’t had custody of his daughter for nearly eight years, the supermarket tabloid world has continued to speculate that Holmes is constantly on the verge of losing Suri to him.

Towards the end of 2019, Gossip Cop debunked a Woman’s Day article claiming Holmes had been “ordered” to let Cruise spend Christmas with Suri.

We then busted an extremely similar claim from Star, though this time it was Cruise asking Holmes for permission to be with Suri over the holidays. Both stories were quite plainly nonsense.

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