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Kim Kardashian Hires A Personal Photographer After Being Sued By One For Posting Pics With Kanye West

Kim Kardashian constantly updates fans on her social media with pictures and videos and keeps them glued on to her account. Recently, like every other Hollywood celebrity, Kim landed up in legal trouble for using a photograph featuring hubby Kanye West and her.

As the beauty mogul got sued for using a romantic picture of her clicked by an international photographer without his permission, Kim has now decided to hire a personal photographer to click her pictures at events and wherever else she goes.

In order to get out of trouble in the future, as per reports in Metro, Kim has decided to hire her own photographer. According to tweets made by Kim on her Twitter, the beauty mogul mentioned that as the paparazzi won’t allow the fans to repost all of her pictures taken, she has found a solution for fans to repost whichever of her pictures.

Kim added that if she ever posts a picture from any agency, she will make sure she tags them and has proper permission for it, and asked fans to not repost it.


Hopefully, Kim’s photographer agrees to have his photos shared by fan pages on social media, or else, the beauty mogul might land up in trouble once again. Needless to say, Kim Kardashian knows how to deal with trouble and has figured out this savage way to get out of it forever.


Meanwhile, about days back, according to a report in TMZ, an international photographer filed a copyright suit against Kim Kardashian for a loving moment he captured between Kanye and Kim.

Photographer Saeed Bolden accused Kim of stealing his pictures and posting it on Instagram without seeking permission from him. Earlier, celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lopez, and Khloe Kardashian have faced legal troubles due to the paparazzi.

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