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MAFS’ Steve gets called out for leading Mishel on

For the last ever Married At First Sight 2020 dinner party, producers had to pull out the big guns as the best contestants had already packed their bags and up and left. (Put your toothbrushes out for Hayley!)

"This dinner party needs petrol and a match," Michael said, and he wasn't wrong.

To keep ratings up, couples were given blank cards where they could ask the five remaining pairs the burning questions they most wanted answered anonymously.

"I want to stir the pot," Lizzie said.

"Michael will be in his element," Connie said.

"It's like my birthdays have all come at once," Michael said. "You're going to need eight body bags tonight."

But despite Michael's best efforts (God bless him!) it didn't live up to the epic dinner parties gone before it.

Lizzie copped it for being a know-it-all; Michael claimed he still can't remember cheating on Stacey with Hayley; and KC raised eyebrows by refusing to move to Cairns for Drew.

But it's Steve and Jonethen who ended up getting it in the necks when they are both accused of holding out on their wives by refusing to be emotionally or physically intimate.

"You would need a degree in quantum physics to decipher Mishel and Steve's nonsense," Michael said, and again, he wasn't wrong.

"It doesn't have to be just sex," Mishel said, as she responded to queries from the others about why she and Steve had still not consummated their marriage after almost two months of living as husband and wife.

"I want someone to rip my clothes off and get into it," KC told Mishel. "You are a gorgeous woman, you shouldn't have to beg a guy to fall in love with you."

Mishel later admitted: "KC is right. In the last two weeks I have been delusional."

In the preview for Wednesday night's commitment ceremony, Steve is finally exposed for leading Mishel on.

"[Your relationship] ain't going anywhere now and it ain't going anywhere in the future," John Aiken said. "I am calling BS on this."

"I'm a bit frustrated by those comments," Steve said.

Elsewhere, Jonethen told Connie that he was not attracted to her after the others also confronted him, like Steve, about fence-sitting.

"Jonny, stop getting splinters, make up your mind," Michael told him.

"I am open to it, I want to [have sex]," Connie said, but for Jonethen it wasn't so simple.

"I didn't come here just to have sex," he said. "For me, sex if very personal and it means a lot."

If Monday's pictures of Connie massaging her new boyfriend on the beach are anything to go by, it seems like she finally leaves Jonny for dust.

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