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Margot Robbie REVEALS she thought she died after a wild night at an award function

Margot Robbie had a wild life before stardom kicked in. During her latest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Suicide Squad actress reflected on her earliest years as an actress in her native Australia. The Hollywood star, in particular, shared an incident from one of her first award show. She told Kimmel that the first award show she ever attended was the Logie Awards, the Australian equivalent of the Emmys. According to Robbie, they are "the funnest award shows ever," because by the end of the event, everyone gets "absolutely hammered."

While it's been nearly a decade since the acclaimed actress last attended the event, she hasn't forgotten the second year she attended the show and what happened later that night. Robbie recalled that she passed out in one of the toilet stalls in the bathroom at the award show venue. “I got so drunk I passed out,” she told the host. When she woke up next, no one was around because the event has ended, and she thought she had died.

"I didn't know it ever closes—usually just full of thousands of people. I came out and it was such a weird, surreal experience because there was no one around...for a second in my drunken state, I was like, 'Did I die? Is this purgatory? Am I in between heaven and hell right now? This is so weird'", she said. She later realised that she wasn't actually dead, when she eventually found a housekeeper who reassured her that she was alive. The actress had appeared on the show to promote her upcoming film Bombshell, which also stars Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron in the lead roles, alongside Robbie.

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