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Meet Kate Middleton’s new right-hand woman on her team of royal staff

Kate Middleton has a new right-hand woman, the latest addition to her royal household revealed to be newly appointed private secretary Hannah Cockburn-Logie.

It's understood she joined the Duchess of Cambridge's team in June this year, following the departure of her former private secretary Catherine Quinn.

Quinn resigned in November 2019 after two years on Kate's team and has now been replaced by Cockburn-Logie.

Working since the start of June, according to Cockburn-Logie's LinkedIn, she's now responsible for organising everything from Kate's day-to-day diary to her important royal meetings, and will accompany her to key engagements after lockdown is lifted in the UK.

It means she'll soon be brushing shoulders with important members of the royal family and other key figures, but that's not entirely new for her.

Cockburn-Logie actually accompanied Kate and Prince William on their tour of India and Bhutan in April 2016, so she's already got some experience handling royal events and diaries.

Outside of her previous work with the royals, Cockburn-Logie has represented the UK overseas for more than 20 years, working largely for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

She's even received two awards for her work; an Order of the British Empire in 2017 and Royal Victorian Order in 2008.

The latter she received for leading the Queen's visit to Slovenia in 2008, so she's already earned the respect of Her Majesty!

In fact, prior royal service may have been one of the most important things Cockburn-Logie had on her resume when it came to getting her job with Kate.

The Duchess' last private secretary, Catherine Quinn, only worked with Kate for two years, but her predecessor, Rebecca Priestly, worked with the royal family for a decade, including the years she spent with Kate.

While roles in the royal household may be demanding, loyalty is very highly valued, and Kate was likely looking for someone who can fill the role of private secretary for years to come.

Now Cockburn-Logie joins a team of royal staff in charge of keeping Kate's life running smoothly, including Kate's royal stylist Natasha Archer.

One of the best-known members of Kate's household, Archer will likely be working closely with Cockburn-Logie when lockdown finally lifts and the duo start work on Kate's post-isolation events and wardrobe.

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