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What royal titles could Meghan and Harry’s son Archie Harrison inherit when he’s older?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor turns one this Wednesday 6th May.

And while he might not be celebrating with his royal cousins, or with the kids of his parents' Los Angeles pals, he's still sure to have an exciting day at home with his family.

Meghan and Harry seem keen to adopt a more informal approach as they start a new chapter in California ("Call me Harry" was the Duke of Sussex's line when he visited the UK pre-lockdown), but what title could Archie inherit and use if he wanted to in the future?.

A spokesperson at Debrett's told Insider, "Archie could technically use his father's lesser titles now, although as Prince Harry is officially known as the Earl of Dumbarton in Scotland he would more likely be known as Lord Kilkeel."

"There is no reason why Archie would not inherit all his father's titles after Harry's death, but as the Sussexes have shown a degree of informality when it comes to titles, whether or not he decides to use them is to be seen. 

However, this does not stop Charles or William (once either man is king) giving Archie a title of his own when he is older, should he decide to 'work for the family firm.'"

The spokesperson told us when Prince Charles becomes king, Archie will technically be HRH Prince Archie of Sussex, but he can choose whether or not he wants to embrace this title.

And when he's much older and getting ready to start his own family, it's also possible his children will have their own titles - but it's dependent on whether Harry is still living.

The spokesperson explained that if Harry is still living and Archie isn't using his title, his children are likely to follow in his footsteps.

However, if he becomes a working member of the Royal Family, marries and has a son, Archie will be Duke of Sussex if Harry is gone. But if Harry is still living when Archie has a legitimate son, his child won't have a title.

Though with everything changing so quickly, the expert said all this is "speculation."

"If we have learnt anything about royal titles in the last few years it is that there are no longer any real certainties other than the line of succession and the traditional titles for the immediate heirs."​

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