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Meghan, Harry Could Reportedly Relocate To Australia, Not Return To UK

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are reportedly thinking about fleeing the United States amid the ongoing protests following the death of George Floyd. While speaking with New Idea, a source claimed that Prince Harry and Markle are contemplating about what would be best for their 1-year-old son, Archie.

The royal couple allegedly doesn’t want Archie to grow up in an environment filled with protests, lootings, killings, and more. However, returning to the United Kingdom to be with the royal family is out of the question for Prince Harry and Markle.

According to the source, the ego of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is so high that returning to London won’t even cross their mind. And since they have always had a special connection with Australia, this is where their next home could be.

The insider said that between Markle and Prince Harry, it is the latter that is more convinced that moving to Australia would be better for their entire family. After all, the Duke of Sussex previously expressed how impressed he was with how Australia handled the coronavirus pandemic.

And even before he met Markle, Prince Harry chose to spend his gap year in Australia in 2013. The insider said that the continent would be perfect for the Sussexes. However, Prince Harry and Markle still cannot move to Australia immediately since their border is still closed for international travel and arrivals. As such, the royal couple still needs to stay in the United States for the time being.

Prior to moving to Los Angeles, Prince Harry and Markle stayed in Canada for almost three months. While there, they got to experience what it’s like to be normal citizens.

There was a time when Markle was photographed walking her dogs while carrying Archie on her chest. During the outing, Markle was accompanied by her male bodyguards.

In March, the couple decided to move to Los Angeles just before Donald Trump announced that he would be locking down the border between the US and Canada. According to Fox News, the US and Canada will continue to keep their borders closed for nonessential travel until June 21.

Trump released a statement saying that he will in talks on what should be done and when the border will be opened. After all, Canada is their neighbor and the country loves Canada. As of late, only healthcare workers, airline crews, and truck drivers are permitted to cross the border.

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