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Meghan, Harry Incredibly Proud People And They Want To Fend For Themselves: Report

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are allegedly having a hard time in Los Angeles.

The royal couple decided to quit the royal family in January to be able to pursue more things and become financially independent. However, the coronavirus pandemic has prevented them from doing what they have always wanted.

According to Heat, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are panicking over where they would get money to fund their lavish lifestyle. And even though Prince Charles has offered to help, he won’t be providing for the royal couple for the rest of their lives.

A source told the tabloid that Prince Harry and Markle were sure about their decision to quit the royal family earlier this year. However, they are starting to wonder if the timing of what they did was wrong.

“It really couldn’t have come at the worst time and now they regret doing it when they did. Obviously, they couldn’t foresee what would happen with the world, but they can’t take up the many opportunities that were promised to them,” the source said.

The insider also said that Prince Harry and Markle couldn’t help but think that they should’ve waited a couple more years before leaving the royal family.

But since their decision has already been made, the royal couple is determined to continue to fend for themselves. This way, they will also be able to prove their critics wrong.

According to the source, Prince Harry and Markle are incredibly proud people so they wouldn’t want other people to support them financially. However, other than their daily expenses, they are also scouting for home and funding their security team.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have also agreed to pay back the over $3 million that they borrowed from British taxpayers to pay for the renovation of Frogmore Cottage. According to sources, the property still belongs to the royal couple.

However, since they are no longer considered as working royals, they have agreed to pay back the renovation cost.

As of late, the claims made by the tabloid haven’t been confirmed or denied by Prince Harry and Markle. However, there hasn’t been any clear indication that the couple is having problems with their finances.

After all, the Duke of Sussex received a large inheritance from his late mother, Princess Diana. According to Town and Country, Prince Harry is worth $40 million.

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