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Meghan Is Allegedly Just Looking Out For Herself, Not Harry And Their Marriage

Meghan Markle has been accused of just looking out for herself and not her husband, Prince Harry, and their marriage. While speaking with New Idea, journalist Anna Pasternak claimed that Markle has her own agenda as a modern woman. And the Duchess of Sussex isn’t allegedly going to be diligent enough to the new set of emotional demands that Prince Harry will have.

Pasternak also claimed that she thinks Markle is out for Markle. After all, she has an unquenchable ambition. When she first joined the royal family, Markle must have thought that she would have this global platform.

But when she realized that she couldn’t have a voice as a member of the royal family, she thought that it would be best for her to opt-out. This way, she can have her own voice and she won’t be restricted by the rules and protocols of The Firm.

Meanwhile, Pasternak made headlines last month after she penned an article about Prince William and Kate Middleton for Tatler. The controversial piece could result in a lawsuit. In the article, Pasternak spoke with a source close to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. She learned that the Cambridges are still upset with Prince Harry and Markle for leaving the royal family.

Middleton, in particular, allegedly thinks Prince Harry and Markle are selfish for quitting. And their decision to suddenly bail out on the couple resulted in Prince William and Middleton spending less time with their kids. Shortly after the article was published, a spokesperson for Kensington Palace denied the claims. The insider said that Tatler’s article is swathed with inaccuracies.

Prince William and Middleton’s lawyer also reached out to Tatler and Pasternak in an attempt to encourage them to take down the article. The lawyer allegedly said that if the story won’t be taken down, they could file a lawsuit against the publication.

However, Tatler’s head said that they are standing by Pasternak’s reporting. They also said that Prince William and Middleton were informed beforehand that an article was being written about them.

According to New Idea, Pasternak has an indirect connection with Markle. And Tatler has a connection with Middleton. Pasternak is friends with former Tatler journalist, Vanessa Mulroney. The latter is the sister-in-law of Markle’s best friend, Jessica Mulroney. Tatler’s head, on the other hand, went to St. Andrew’s University, where Middleton and Prince William studied.

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