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Meghan Jealous Of Harry’s Ex-Girlfriend Cressida Bonas

Meghan Markle is allegedly jealous of Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend, Cressida Bonas.

According to Woman’s Day Australia, the Duchess of Sussex has been keeping a jealous eye on Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend. However, the source claimed that it’s not for the reasons that the public might think.

“Cressida dumped Harry so she could be taken seriously as an actress and it’s paying off. She’s been scoring plum theater roles and a lot of respect in London, which is something Meghan always wanted to achieve, but couldn’t crack,” The source said.

“It doesn’t help that there’s been no movement on her career even now she’s back in LA. Every time Cressy gives an interview hinting that she chose her career over Harry, Meghan feels personally attacked,” the source added.

The tabloid also uploaded a side by side photo of Markle and Bonas taken on two different occasions. Since Markle is looking to her left and Bonas’ photo is on the left side of the page, the tabloid included a cryptic caption.

“Meghan likes to keep Harry’s exes in check,” it read.

However, there is not much information as to how the Duchess of Sussex wants to keep Prince Harry’s exes in check. And there isn’t also any mention about Prince Harry’s exes other than Bonas.

Prince Harry and Bonas dated for a few years before they decided to call it quits. And according to royal author Katie Nicholl, it was Bonas that wanted to end their relationship.

In the book Harry: Life, Loss, and Love, Nicholl said that Bonas had a change of heart regarding her relationship after watching Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal tour of Australia in 2014.

Bonas allegedly realized that she didn’t want the attention that is usually given to the members of the royal family. As such, she told Prince Harry that it’s time to end things.

The Duke of Sussex reportedly tried to convince Bonas to stay him. And when she refused, Prince Harry was heartbroken. After all, his two girlfriends both didn’t want to end up with him because he’s a member of the royal family.

While speaking with The Daily Telegraph, Bonas admitted that she lived in fear while dating Prince Harry. She feared that was not good enough, and she also feared failing and rejection.

Now, Prince Harry and Bonas are living separate lives. And the latter is also engaged. As such, it is unlikely for Markle to still be jealous of her and Prince Harry’s other exes.

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