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Meghan Markle did not want to become a ‘voiceless figurehead’: royal expert

The bad press was undoubtedly one major reason that drove Prince Harry and Meghan Markle out of the UK but there may be some other big reasons as well.

As per some circulating reports on the Sussex pair, a couple of factors that many may not be aware of did play a big part in leading the two out of the Palace.

Royal commentator Ashley Pearson during an interview with Market Watch had shared earlier that there were things about her royal role that she wasn’t too fond of.

“She had no idea how un-glamorous it really is to be a royal and, when she found out she would be a civil servant in a tiara she was, like, ‘No way,’” Pearson said.

Apart from that, one more reason explained by writer Tom McTague to The Atlantic was: “Another problem the pair appear not to understand is their desire to be progressive — but seemingly without the controversy and criticism that comes from taking a stance on issues of public debate.”

“At heart, it’s unclear whether Harry and Meghan realize being progressive is not an apolitical act. Climate change is not apolitical. Even mental health is not apolitical. These issues, which the couple have voiced their opinion on, come with real, important and political questions attached.”

Moreover, BBC royal correspondent Jonny Dymond also said that the duchess said "she didn’t want to become a voiceless figurehead.”

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