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‘Meghan Markle, Prince Harry will never get the privacy they crave in LA’: ex royal employee

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will never get the privacy they desire in Los Angeles, former royal protection officer Simon Morgan revealed. 

In a recent chat with Us Weekly, Morgan  said, "I think a lot of it will depend on how they actually engage with people, both in terms of the ordinary person in the streets and the media, and how much access they allow with that. The more you withdraw, the more people want to know what you’re up to. There just becomes that fascination." 

He added, “Harry, you know, he is still a senior member of the British Royal family. Both in terms of … bloodline and position, or maybe not entitled at the moment. So therefore there is still a fascination around that, certainly with the [former] duchess, you know. If she does go back to work in that particular sector, then there will always be an interest in what she’s doing, because it would be part and parcel of the very nature of what she’s doing.”

The former royal employee said that “the work is always, I think, on the protection team” to help their clients lead the lifestyle they choose while being protected.

Morgan also said how Meghan and Harry's exit from the royal family came as a surprise. "They were very much [in] a secure environment where they were, you know, they had kind of a regular routine and a footprint kind of there and obviously various levels of support or be, it, kind of was a withdrawal,” he explained. “But then, you know, to make the move to L.A. kind of puts you very much in the spotlight.”

“The whole nature of that kind of environment is 24/7. It’s constant, you know? So I think, yeah — from a protection perspective, you know, it’s not an ideal choice. But there again, you know, people want to lead their lives and you as the protection team just have to work around that," Morgan continued.

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