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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s Potential Consequence Could Have Changed Archie’s Future

Throughout the year, rumors have been circulating that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been considering moving to Africa upon their return from their 2018 royal tour. However, doing so would run the risk of them having to renounce their royal titles. 

Following their speculated personal desire to relocate, an online petition was created that could have potentially stripped the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of their titles in certain areas. After garnering 3,881 signatures, it was presented to the Brighton and Hove Council meeting in Sussex. Ultimately, the council vetoed it in couple's favor, but what would the loss of their tiles have meant for their son, Archie Harrison?

According to Express, had Meghan and Harry lost their formal titles, which were given to them by Queen Elizabeth II on their wedding day, they would no longer have been considered royals. This, in turn, would mean that they would likely be unable to use public funds, including vehicles, property, and more. They would also be unable to take part in royal duties and act as representation for Her Majesty.

If Archie's parents had lost their titles, he himself would have been "unable to become a working royal," according to the outlet. Additionally, he would have likely been forced to look elsewhere for future employment. As for what Meghan and Harry have been up to recently, they currently are taking a six-week hiatus from royal life. During this downtime, it has been reported that the former "Suits" actress has been seeking guidance from her former PR firm due to the fact that she is looking to further her reach with the Sussex Royal Foundation. It has also been said that upon returning, Meghan may be "forced" to work closely with Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton as they prepare for Queen Elizabeth's purported retirement.

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