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Meghan Markle’s new title is likely to be changed, as she’s now styled like a divorced woman

It's all happening!

So as we all know, Harry and Meghan have LEFT THE BUILDING.

Well, figuratively.

The royal couple have decided to pull away from the royal family, and with that, their titles are changing.

Last week, it was said the couple would be referred to as Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex now that they will no longer use the rank of His or Her Royal Highness.

The issue all stems from the comma, because in the past only divorced women in the family have been styled that way - for example Diana, Princess of Wales and Sarah, Duchess of York.

However, there has been talk of this being changed again, as it would mean that Meghan would be styled like a divorced woman.

Sky's events commentator Alastair Bruce said: "The palace on Saturday made an announcement about what the duke and duchess were to be called."

"But it inadvertently gives all the wrong messages because, in convention, the style suggested is the one adopted to express divorce."

"As a result, this will be revisited and I'm sure that the expert, called Garter King of Arms, can provide advice."

"What had been suggested was 'Meghan, Duchess of Sussex' but placing the first name and comma before the title is the template for a divorced wife."

"As an example, Harry's mother was styled after her divorce as 'Diana, Princess of Wales' and the same format applies, post-divorce, to 'Sarah, Duchess of York'."

"I fear that eight years giving advice to Downton Abbey makes me eagle-eyed for such things."

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