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Melania Trump Sends ‘Subliminal Messages’ About Donald Trump Relationship

Melania Trump and Donald Trump celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary apart since the POTUS is in Davos for the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Two years ago, the FLOTUS was supposed to accompany her husband to the same event, but she canceled at the last minute due to scheduling and logistical issues. However, some netizens were convinced that the first lady backed out of the event because she’s upset over her husband’s affair with porn star Stormy Daniels.

Historian Kate Anderson Brower called Melania’s sudden cancellation of her appearance in Davos unusual. After all, no other first couple has acted in a similar manner.

In fact, even when former President Bill Clinton faced his impeachment trial, his wife, Hillary Clinton, still accompanied him to Martha’s Vineyard.

Melania, on the other hand, opted to stay at the White House instead of joining President Donald Trump. And even during the Inauguration Day, the FLOTUS opted to share a photo of herself without any mention of the POTUS.

CNN White House reporter Kate Bennett said that it seems the FLOTUS is good at subliminal messaging. Even though she is not addressing the status of her marriage to the POTUS directly, it seems as though they are not doing well.

“This is a First Lady we don’t hear a lot, but she is A-plus at subliminal messaging if you want to take it that way: not a mention of her husband; of the thousands of pictures taken of the two of them this year, interesting that she picked that picture; and the ‘wonderful moments’ don’t mention the President,” she said.

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