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Melania Trump Made Acting Debut In Commercial; POTUS ‘Proud’ Of FLOTUS

Melania Trump previously starred in a commercial for Aflac that her husband, Donald Trump, was very proud of.

The ad, which is titled “The Experiment,” shows the model-turned-FLOTUS lying down while two men try to steal her voice and transfer it to a duck.

The hilarious experiment was a success because the duck was able to talk in a sultry voice and discuss the benefits of Aflac. When Melania wakes up, her voice evidently changed and she sounds like a duck.

Aflac is one of the biggest insurance companies in the United States. The company was founded in 1955, and it is based in Columbus, Georgia.

By the looks of it, Melania’s voice was changed in the commercial because the first lady has a strong Slovenian accent. The FLOTUS lived in Slovenia for most of her life before she relocated to the United States in the 1990s.

Two years ago, President Trump proudly told Aflac employees that his wife starred in their 2005 commercial. He also called the ad a huge success.

“Your chairman I know very well and he’s done a fantastic job. He actually, a long time ago, hired my wife to do a big commercial, an Aflac commercial, and think it was a successful commercial, too,” he said.

During the FLOTUS’ interview with Adweek, she revealed that the Aflac commercial was her very first acting gig.

“I am very excited to make my acting debut in the latest Aflac commercial. Donald is known for saying ‘You’re fired’; maybe I will be known for saying ‘Aflac,’” she said.

Meanwhile, Melania’s Aflac commercial isn’t the only thing that she and the POTUS are proud of. According to British GQ, the FLOTUS is also very proud of her nude photos. In fact, she considers them one of her greatest achievements.

Before tying the knot in 2005, the first lady worked as a model, and she traveled the world because of it.

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