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Melania Trump Reveals If She Wants More Children; FLOTUS Doesn’t Change Barron’s Opinions

Melania Trump and Donald Trump welcomed their son, Barron Trump, on March 2, 2006.

Shortly after, the FLOTUS sat down for an interview with ABC News where she was asked about her baby-making plans. The first lady said that the prospect of having kids is still open for her. However, she also has a very busy schedule that may prevent her from tending to more than one child.

“We are happy and my hands are full with my two boys - my big boy and my little boy!” the FLOTUS said in reference to Barron and President Trump. However, Melania and President Trump had not been blessed with more children.

Since Barron is Melania’s only child, the two are reportedly very close. When Barron was still young, the first lady used to give him a bath every night.

During their bonding session, the FLOTUS uses her Caviar Complex C6 moisturizer on her son, and Barron loves it. Melania said that the product smells very fresh.

But other than giving her son nightly baths, Melania is also very involved in her son’s schedule. Barron has early morning baseball games and playdates. He also has golf and tennis lessons.

According to the doting mom, Barron also has a very busy schedule and the fact that he has lots of energy at such a young age is “very cute.” This is the reason why Melania calls her son “Mini-Donald.”

Despite their busy schedules, Melania has also taken on the responsibility of teaching Barron some of the most important lessons in life. While speaking with Parenting magazine, she explained why she encourages Barron to make mistakes.

“Mistakes build wings so later in life they can fly and go on their own. Let them fall once in a while... Be their friend and parent as well. When they’re in trouble they will come to you first. Don’t try to change their opinion,” she said.

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