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Michelle Obama Encouraged To Run For President After Sharing Inspirational Post

Michelle Obama is being encouraged to enter the 2020 presidential race by her supporters after she gave them inspiring updates on Instagram.

This week, the ex-FLOTUS promoted her new journal, “I Am Becoming.” Barack Obama’s wife also shared a photo of her very first journal and encouraged her followers to start writing down their thoughts. The former first lady started writing in her journal when she was in her 20s. At that time, she was still trying to figure out where her life was headed. Since writing down her thoughts gave her life some sort of direction, she decided to release the “I Am Becoming” journal for other people.

“A place where you can sort through your experiences and emotions on your own terms. So, whether you journal now or want to get started, I want to hear from you. When we’re open to our own stories, and all their mistakes and contradictions, we’ll find a great understanding of ourselves,” she said. Shortly after, Michelle shared a touching video from her recent trip to Vietnam and Malaysia.


“My trip to Vietnam and Malaysia was filled with so many hopeful reminders of the power that lies in education. I hope you’ll take a look and get involved with the @GirlsOpportunityAlliance and hit the link in my bio to support this work,” the ex-FLOTUS captioned the video.

Immediately after, her fans encouraged her to run for president.

“Can you please run for president? We need a strong black woman to be our president,” Instagram user @w.i.s__queen wrote.

“Now that is the first lady!” Instagram user @petevalwiebe said.

“Just run for president already. I’m tired of those clowns on TV,” Instagram user @12vsamy wrote.

“Mrs. Obama: go for president!” Instagram user @rmichel64 said.

“You need to run for president,” Instagram user @13dnay said.

“You will always be our first lady, Michelle!” Instagram user @patachoucafe said.

One Melania Trump critic also took the time to slam the current first lady.

“The current first lady does not have an education. She had an affair with a married man to advance herself. Secondly, she doesn’t care about other people, has no interest in helping others and it wouldn’t occur to her to advocate for something other than what would help her,” Instagram user @kim1224tx said.

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