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Millie Bobby Brown Accused Of Being A ‘Brat’ Over Treatment Of Fans

Were reports that Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown was turning into a “brat” because of her interactions with fans true? That’s what one tabloid insisted, We investigated the rumor and came to our own conclusions.

In a section titled “This Week’s Big Questions,” NW asked, “Is Millie Turning Into A Brat?” Evidently, the outlet’s answer was yes. The success of Stranger Things, the hit Netflix series that launched Brown’s career, had inflated Brown’s ego, the publication insisted.

So-called sources for the tabloid had even gone so far as to say fame had “gone to her head.” According to one supposed source, Brown was “cool, aloof and downright rude” during promotional events for season 3 of Stranger Things, “so much so that her publicists had to give her a little lesson in how to deal with media and fans,” the tipster continued.

“When the cameras were rolling, she was all smiles and laughing and animated, but when they stopped, she was moody as hell and not interested in speaking to anyone at all. Her minders were mortified at her bad manners and told her this was no way to start her career.”

The outlet then used a partial quote from Brown’s co-star and on-screen father figure David Harbour who told Variety in 2017 that he was leary of “blowing smoke up” Brown’s “already well-filled smoke ass.” As a last jab at the teen actress, the magazine's “spy reckons” the Godzilla: King of the Monsters star would “pointedly hum the song Neverending Story during long press days.” 


In our search to find evidence that Millie Bobby Brown was “rude” during promotional events, we came across a video posted to YouTube of the Stranger Things star taking selfies with fans ahead of her appearance on the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.


In the video, Brown smiles for the camera while taking photos with fans, signs a few autographs but doesn’t interact much, or possibly at all, with the fans outside of that. It’s possible that the then-15-year-old was a bit moody that day, as teens are sometimes known to be, but that in no way makes her a brat. Promotional tours are known to exhaust veteran adult actors, so it wouldn’t be a surprise at all if Brown was simply tired from the hectic weeks spent promoting season 3 of her show.

As for the quote from David Harbour, later on in that same piece, he explained, “There’s a piece of me that’s very protective of her and feels that we should all let her be brave and brilliant and turn our eyes away and not give her so much attention.”

Perhaps shining a beacon on a teenager is absolutely the last thing that teenager needs to grow up well. This is likely the exact sort of attention that Harbour didn’t want laser-focused on Brown.

Though she’s a very talented actress, which everyone she’s worked with thus far in her career agrees with, she’s still a child. It’s unfair to label Brown as a “brat” over one or two incidents in which the actress was not as bubbly and “animated” as she usually is.

There's no way of knowing what Brown was going through that day that might explain her behavior, and it's irresponsible to claim that the reason for Brown's withdrawn demeanor is because the teen is a brat. This tabloid should feel real shame at publishing this piece, as it wasn’t worth the ink used to print it. 

This is exactly the kind of unnecessary, negative, and inappropriate press coverage Millie Bobby Brown was talking about when she called out the media for their treatment of her.

There was also a lot of public backlash after Brown said she was friends with Drake, a man in his thirties, who gave her advice about boys. Brown spoke about the outcry, condemning people for trying to sully her friendship with the “God’s Plan” rapper. For such a young lady, Brown has had to deal with a lot of controversy.

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